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Our School Family Makes Good Choices to Learn, Be Respectful, and Be Safe!

Blessing teachers with Hot Apple Cider & Hot Choco!!!!

Go Tors!

South Elementary Staff & Students are EXTREMELY THANKFUL for our wonderful Custodians! 

Mrs. Roberts Builds the Pathway to Learning! 

Love our Morning Hip Hip Hoorays!!!!!

Mrs. Ramford is Ready For a Great New Year! 

Mrs. Fleener Greets Students During Open House! 

Smart As Einstein and All Smiles!

Mrs. Banuelos Dances and Sings the Days and Months Away! 

Joining Mr. Lindsey for announcements :)

It is Always Welcoming in Mrs. Maxwell's Class! 

At South We Map Out Our Learning! 

Big Tors Big hugs!

Mrs. Mann and Mr. Lindsey

We Are Crazy About Candy corn Math! 

Discussing their Holiday break.

We are all in this together at South Elementary! 

Happy Halloween 2018

South Elementary Open House! Great Job Mrs. Mann! 

Mrs. Garcia's Class Gets Rolling With Math! 

It's FriYAYYYYY!!! Go Tors!

LHS Tor Akyra enjoys Thanksgiving lunch with a little one.

Our school family makes good choices to respect and to be safe! Mural painted by Maria Vargas

We Are Investigating the World Around Us! 

Mad Hatter welcomes Angelina for Homecoming Week!

We Rock at South Elementary! 

Thank you to Isaiah Martinez & United Supermarkets for delivering FREE water to Lamesa ISD staff!

Ms. Kimball & her students are ready to take on the week.

Leading by example! Mr. Cano's class follows his lead :)

Thank you Troopers for keeping us safe! Jr. Trooper Malachi stands proudly with our men of service!

Tors are fearless leaders!

We Like to Dress for Success! 

Mrs. Mann and Mr. Lindsey are Dedicated TOR Fans! 

Akyra Morales walks a group of baby Pre-K students to their classrooms.

How big is YOUR BUBBLE!

It's their FAVORITE team!

We Love to Read Aloud! 

Angelina reading to little Tyne :)

We Are Cheering Each Other On! 

Mrs. Benton is Conscious About Greeting Her Students! 

1st Place Jesse Garcia

2nd Place Kaleb Ruiz

3rd Place Haileigh Lozano

4th Place Jesse Gomez

5th Place Jude Molina

South Elementary Spelling Bee winners.

We are eager to get back to learning! 


When? Where? Yes I'll be there! Our dedicated volunteers answering the call to support their PTSO!

Mrs. Barrerra's Class Received a Guitar Performance!

Thank you to our Tor Athletes who stepped up to the plate to be a companion! 

South is Spreading Some Disney Magic! 

We Love Our Parent Volunteers! 

Tropical Tuesday! 

It's Showtime!

Tor Pride!

Learning is Fun in Mrs. Yancy's Class 

Mrs. Clements Class had a bright First Day of School! 
Love Our Community! 
Ms. Allison's Class Reads to Ms. Lilli Pie For Her Birthday

South Superheroes Blast Off Safely! 

Give thanks!

Mrs. Barrerra Welcomes Her Students With Excitement! 

Principal for the Day Lucero Garza

We are cheerful & in the Christmas spirit!!! Jesse is ready for the Holidays!

Diving Into a New School Year! 

PTSO come together to bring a happy welcoming to Grandparents!

South Elem. raised 3,897 cans of food! Thanks to High School Ag  students who loaded all of them on trailer.

We are eager for knowledge! 

Our Visit From Chief Morningstar was Amazing! 

Scavenger Hunt Ready! 

Go Tors!

Catch and Match Colors! 

Tors Akyra & Ariel pose with Joe Tyler Neal.

Thank you Grandparents


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HEAR EMPHATHIZE APOLOGIZE RESOLVE DELIGHT It is our pleasure to be with your child here at South Elementary.

Dismissal Locations and Expectations

If it is raining or snowing we will have ALTERNATE DISMISSAL. Pre-K, KG, 1st & 2nd graders will be waiting in their classroom; parents will need to come inside for dismissal.
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